A day of Master

Tate-Kasuri dot pattern. A dot pattern is composed of 4 types of Kukuri patterns. Make a dot pattern by gradually changing the length of Kukuri.

I prepare the number of Kasuri threads and ground threads for the width of the fabric. After that, it is warped and dyed. The standard for weaving Kurume Kasuri is standardized. The most basic weave with the same number of threads, which is called plain weave.

It is possible to influence changes in texture and color by incorporating and applying original ideas based on the premise of being faithful to the basics. The fabric made by Shimogawa Orimono pursues the softness of the texture by adding applications to the basics.

The more you wash it as you use it, the more it will become familiar to your skin and you will feel its softness. We are pursuing such a texture.


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