KASURI ikat fabric


Kurume Kasuri is a term for ikat fabric woven in the area of Chikugo in Fukuoka,Japan.
The method is invited by Den Inoue around 1800 in Kurume City.
We can weave single or double ikat using Kasuri ikat yarn which
has been dyed in advance.
this method is called”Kukuri”.
Kasuri ikat is normally cotton 100%.
weaving width 37~38cm.

Hand weaving and machine weaving.

In 1957,KURUME KASURI was appointed to the important cultural property of the country.

In 1976,KURUME KASURI was appointed to a Minister of Economy Trade and Industry

Kasuri fabric is used to be produced by more than two million rolls

a year at its peak in the time people still used to wear Kimono.

Nowadays yearly about a hundred thousand rolls are produced and
these purpose has widened,not only for Kimono,but also other items
such as shirts and etc…



  • タテ糸をつくる
    single ikat TATE KASURI
  • ヌキ絣(絵絣)をつくる
    single ikat NUKI KASURI
  • 文人絣(ぶんじんかすり)をつくる
  • 括り屋さんの仕事
    KUKURI technique
  • 絣の図案師(ずあんし)
    KASURI design pattern
  • 亀甲アラレ柄の制作風景
    Production scenery KIKKOU ARARE
  • 卵柄 制作風景
    Production scenery single ikat TATE KASURI