A day of Master(Yagasuri)

<Characteristics of weaving>
Tate Kasuri which expresses a pattern only with warp threads. It is also called Itagasuri.
Fine adjustment of the density of the weave gives it a softer texture than that of Tate Yoko Kasuri.
The bold and patterned Yasuri Kasuri is expressed by the ingenuity of warping and the ingenuity of tying.


<About Yagasuri>
Bow and arrow wings. When you shoot a bow, it goes straight and does not return. From that
There was also a custom of holding a kimono of Yagasuri at the time of marriage.
In addition, it is suitable for praying for success, fulfilling purpose, etc. because it “shoots through the target”.
The arrow is a lucky charm that is also used as a talisman and a tool to protect yourself, wishing for strong and robust growth as a samurai (male). It’s also famous as an amulet’s broken arrow, and in Japan
One of the most used patterns in kimono since ancient times.

Warp thread 40/2 Weft thread 20/1
Dough thickness display standard + soft
100% chemical dye
100% cotton
Woven width of about 37-38 cm
Blanched sun dried finish

(Since it is shrunk by about 10%, you can cut and sew it as it is after purchase.)



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