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<Search for the limit value of Kukuri>

(1) Minimum possible value of Kukuri part (white part of the pattern in the photo)

(2) Minimum possible value between Kukuri and Kukuri (the length of the black part between white and white in the photo)

Regarding (1), if it becomes shorter than the limit, it will not be possible to resist dyeing, so the dye will get inside and the pattern will disappear during dyeing.

② is the problem of the distance between the patterns. If it becomes narrower than the limit, the dye will not enter during dyeing and the pattern will look like the front and back patterns are stuck together. As a result, it is no longer a small dot.

It is important to balance the tie and dyeing in the vertical direction. Once the vertical balance is determined, decide how many rows of dots should be placed in the horizontal direction, that is, in the width of the fabric, and arrange the whole.



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