A day of Master(Reconstruction of pattern)

The production of Kurume Kasuri begins with drawing a pattern on a special design sheet. This is just a basic form. From there, I think it is a showcase of the craftsmen’s many years of experience and wisdom.

If you continue to make Kurume Kasuri, various situations will occur. It is not always possible to use up the warp or weft designed according to the design without loss. However, I don’t want to waste any of the Kasuri threads that I made with great care.

This pattern was made by the reverse method through the reverse process. Initially, the warp was prepared to create another pattern. A certain number of threads is required to make a pattern in the Kukuri process. However, there are many cases where the required amount of thread does not equal the number of orders.

So I came up with the idea of redesigning the pattern based on the surplus Kasuri thread after digesting the number of orders and creating another pattern. Through many years of trial and error, we now have a method that has been established as our specialty. Rather, I dare to make surplus threads and try to redesign the pattern.


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