A day of Master(Shippo pattern)

Shippo Hishigata: Shippo pattern, which is widely used as auspicious pattern, is made with Kurume Kasuri.

The characteristic is that it gives a rhombic shape by expressing the shade of the pattern by the tying technique.


A pattern in which circles of the same size are layered in quarters is called “Shippo-Mon”.

The one that is regularly connected vertically and horizontally is called “Shippo Tsunagi”.

Circles (rings) are connected with harmony and represent the importance of the circle between people.

In addition, it is said that the pattern grows infinitely, which means that it is fortunate to aim at the development and prosperity of descendants and businesses.

In addition, Shippo refers to the seven treasures that appear in the Buddhist scripture <Buddhist Theory Mukyoujutsu>.

People’s relationships and connections show that they are as valuable as Shippo.

Kurume Kasuri technique used to produce this pattern.

Tsumami-Zome: Hand-dyed color expression

Dassyoku Kukuri: Inverted colors are expressed by reversing the usual process and dyeing and binding.

Kataha, Hitoha Kukuri technique: Adds shades to the pattern to create a three-dimensional effect.

Tate-Yoko Kasuri: double ikat technology



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