A day of Master(Happy new year)

A Happy New Year!

It is the beginning of 2020.
Let’s look back on last year.

An exhibition was held in February in Tokyo.




I visited Paris at an exhibition in March.

Fondation d’entreprise Ricard


My Kasuri has been hired by two railway companies for uniforms.

And it is displayed at the entrance of the bank.

The showroom, which has been renovated from an old private house, has welcomed various people.

I was invited to a university and gave a lecture.

We provide technical guidance to young craftsmen.

I was invited to a college event.


Visitors from Australia, Europe and the United States have increased.

We held an event at a gallery in Kurume city.

We interacted with craftsmen from other production areas.

I was invited to an exchange project with Yamanashi Prefecture.

I was invited to an exhibition at Shiseido Gallery in Tokyo.

This year, we also held a sales event for factory direct sales in November.

The number of factory visitors in 2019 exceeded 1,800.

We have really many people support.

Exchange with visitors during factory tours-starting new business,

Through overseas collaboration business, etc.

A place to create the diversity of Kurume Kasuri and create a new future in the history of traditional Kurume Kasuri

Continue to make.

This is the mission that Shimokawa Textile is working on.

“Meeting Kurume Kasuri craftsmen and creating new traditions”

We will always seek to meet people who can make the future together.

This year we will try again for many excitement and surprises.


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