A day of Master(Concept of color scheme)

<Cross of warp and weft>

A woven fabric is defined as a woven fabric in which warp threads and weft threads are mixed at right angles and connected in a plane to form a surface. Among them, most of Kurume Kasuri are woven by a weave called “plain weave”, so the color distribution of warp and weft is 1: 1.

If you color the warp threads in a colorful color and cross the weft threads in dark navy blue or black, the color of the warp threads will be reflected more strongly. Conversely, if you dye the warp threads in black or navy blue and cross the weft threads with colorful colors, the appearance will strongly reflect the color of the weft threads.

The gray in the photo expresses the neutral gray by crossing the opposite color schemes of black and white. In addition, the white of the Kasuri pattern emerges clearly, which is one of the most basic expressions in Kurume Kasuri.


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