A day of Master(Summer type)

White Kasuri is called “Shiro Kasuri” or “Natsu Kasuri”. Since it is a seasonal product, it is not made throughout the year, but it is often made during the summer season.

Many of the summer items were canceled this year due to the influence of the “corona virus”, but due to physical demand, we decided to make it within the production range.

There are two main ways to make white Kasuri. There are two types of “decolorization Kasuri” and “reverse encircling Kasuri” “Decolorization Kasuri” is a method of tying warp threads dyed in black or navy blue and bleaching it to give a pattern on a white background, and “Reverse Tsusuri Kasuri” is a method of tying the ground portion instead of the pattern. It is possible to dye colorful colors such as red and blue other than black and navy blue for both “decolorized kasuri” and “reverse encircling kasuri”. In recent years, due to the high quality of dyes, it is not possible to remove all the colors, so it is not possible to decolorize into pure white, resulting in a beige-like color. “In the case of reverse tying, it will be pure white, but it will not be possible to tie it if there is too much tying area because it ties the area opposite to the pattern, so there is a restriction on the pattern. Also, since there are many long tying, the dye penetrates into the space between the tying You must also assume that.

By grasping the strengths and weaknesses of “tie-up” and “dyeing method”, the optimum combination of the technique and the dyeing method will be determined depending on the pattern to be produced. Kurume Kasuri is not a single production method, but an expression method is created by combining multiple variations, so even if you make the same pattern, the approach method will differ depending on the craftsman, so the pattern will have individuality. I think it is one of the attractions of Kurume Kasuri.



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