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Kasuri thread with fine spacing. There is a limit to the bundling interval that can be expressed with “Kukuri”, and there is a technique called “Orinuki” when the bundling interval is smaller than the photo.

There are several names for patterns with small intervals such as “Arare” and “raindrop”. Shimogawa Orimono uses the term “Arale”. I use three types of “Arare pattern” for the “Arare pattern” Kasuri thread used for this pattern.

Due to the characteristics of the manufacturing method, it is difficult to prepare a small amount of Kasuri yarn for the sample, and the same amount of preparation is required for the sample and mass production. For this reason, it will be difficult to reproduce when making yarns with multiple subtly different binding patterns as described above.

Production cannot be assembled unless there is a certain amount of orders. In the current industry, when this pattern is remanufactured within the company’s own production volume, it is necessary to perform the bundling work only three times, so it is necessary to carry out medium- to long-term production from one year. We believe that it is difficult to incorporate this into a production plan if we cannot establish a sales system. Therefore, it will be sold only for stock. We believe that this is both a merit and a demerit that we have established a production and sales system for small-lot, high-mix production.




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