A day of Master(Juji pattern)

We make a wide variety of patterns such as floral patterns, polka dots, and geometric patterns throughout the year, but one of the patterns that we make the most in recent years is this Juji pattern.

There are several approaches to producing the Juji pattern, including “Tate-Yoko Kasuri” and “Tate-Kasuri.” This pattern is made using the “Tate-Kasuri” technique. Kurume Kasuri draws a design on a dedicated design paper, calculates the warp and weft, and creates it based on the design, but each kasuri pattern that actually appears on the fabric is delicate Makes a difference. However, the overall balance is uniform.

Kurume Kasuri’s most interesting and unpredictable characteristic is the unpredictable “shaking and blurring of the pattern” that cannot be seen in this design. The Juji pattern warp threads are expressed as a combination of two knotting patterns. The characteristic of making a pattern with warp is that it gives a powerful and sharp pattern.

Craftsmen have a sense that the arrangement and sensation of the handle have been accumulated over many years.




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