A day of Master(Shippo pattern)

<What is Shippo pattern>

A pattern in which circles of the same size are overlapped by a quarter is called a “Shippo Mon”, and a pattern in which this pattern is vertically, horizontally, and continuously connected is called a “Shippo Tuanagi”. A circle (ring) is connected to harmony and represents the importance of the circle between people. Also, since this pattern grows infinitely, it is said to be a Kisshomon that aims at the development and prosperity of descendants and business.

<About Double ikat kasuri>

Kurume Kasuri is the only production area in Japan where the technique of arranging yarns, which are dyed and divided according to the original design by warp and weft yarns, on warp yarns and weft yarns and weaving them on a power loom is the only production in Japan. In order to pass on the technology, I have been in charge of “development of Kukuri machines” and “training of Kukuri craftsmen” in the production area association, and have reached today.

<Characteristics of Tate Yoko Kasuri>

The part where the pattern of the warp and the pattern of the weft overlap is highlighted in white, and the part expressed only by the weft has a grayish color. The contrast of this color creates the strength and weakness of the pattern, and creates a three-dimensional effect in the plain weave, which has no irregularities.



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